Monday, March 24, 2008

Ready to Roll

Plenty of things to talk about today. We left Friday after work to dive down to Airstream of Arkansas to pick up our trailer. There was severe flooding in Missouri and Arkansas from the constant raining earlier in the month. Many homes we passed were up to their 2nd story in river water. We arrived Friday night around 9:15 where Susan aka Alumatube was waiting for us. She was generous enough to grab some food for us at the Rib Crib before they closed. We all stayed up talking and running around on the AOA lot until about midnight. We all got up around 7:45 the next morning to get ready for the day.

The first thing Amy and I did was to give the custom t-shirts and ceramic smoker to Mike and Gene. They seemed to like them a bunch.

Gene and I got started by installing the mounting arm for our LCD/DVD television. The bolts that came stock with the unit were too long, and would have drilled into the fridge. We located some shorter screws and mounted the arm to allow the best possible viewing positions.

Gene and I then opened the magic bed to the bedOnce the television was in, Mike from the AOA shop installed the battery disconnect in the front position, and carried it through the door. We decided it was so much work to get it inside the door that we had to take a break as seen in the picture (Besides...the NCAA tourney was on, and we needed to test the newly mounted antenna.) After the break, we bolted the magic bed into the floor using four 5/16 lag bolts.

Next on the list was installing this "Home Sweet Home" door guard from David Winick. Installation was simple with four self tapping aluminum screws. Here is Amy looking through the door.

The last thing on the agenda was to install the dining area. We were trying to sell the dinette that arrived with the trailer, but no luck. We decided to use the hickory table that came with the dinette. The table looks perfect in the trailer, like it was made for it. We will have to take about an inch off the leg to level it out, but that's easy.

Doesn't this just look like a nice place to relax and enjoy ones self? Thanks to everyone who has read this blog, and supported us from the dark times of this trailer until now. We plan to continue adding updates from trips and small upgrades that we add along the way.

See you all down the road!!!!!

Steve and Amy and Collin

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Positive Progress

A few things to post today. I spoke with Glastop about the sofa bed today. The transport company cannot find the sofa bed, and thinks it is lost in Atlanta or at the distribution center in Little Rock. Regardless, I need a sofa bed for the upcoming Airforums Branson Rally. In a feat of ultimate customer service, Glastop sent a brand new magic bed identical to mine, but it is covered in Ultraleather. They want me to have something to use for the rally, and this was the only way to make it happen. If we like the color when we see it, and if they do not find the actual sofa I ordered, we will get to keep the Ultraleather sofa at no additional charge. That's a savings of around $500. They will also send us a yard of the same Ultraleather so we can recover our chairs in. I don't know that too many other RV furniture places would go through this.

The other thing I want to update is that the leaks are pretty much taken care of (Crosses fingers). Gene called me today to let me know about the discoveries. The curbside window gasket was actually the culprit to the leaking over the streetside rear bed. On the curbside the cause of front and rear leaks was discovered to be holes from the original awning that were covered with the new zipdees, but not sealed or filled with vulkem. Gene said they are working on the best way to fix it right now.

Things are looking up for a Friday trip to Arkansas.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Magic Bed MIA

You always see stuff like this on TV or the movies, but it never happens to you....UNTIL NOW. We ordered our magic bed at the end of February to ensure it would be ready for the Branson Airforums Rally. I received a call on Tuesday from Glastop RV and Marine Furniture telling me the Sofa was going to be dropped off at Airstream of Arkansas last Wednesday. Wednesday came and went with no contact from the dealership (It was Gene's day off). On Thursday Gene called to tell me that nobody had delivered the sofa bed like they were supposed to. I quickly called Glastop and was told that they were looking into it. They called back on Friday morning to tell me that the delivery company was not returning calls.

I really hope that the issue gets taken care of. We need it delivered by Friday so we can install it this coming weekend. We won't have another chance to get back to AOA before Branson, and we are counting on that bed for sleeping arrangements.

If the merchandise isn't delivered by this Friday, I am thinking about requesting a full refund, and purchasing one in Springfield, MO on the way to Branson.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Advice and shameless plug from the VAP

Hello all,

Last night the newest episode of the Vintage Airstream Podcast was recorded and posted on the VAP website. I had called in last week and left a question about a sneaky leak that was not being found with the Seal-Tech pressure test. They addressed my concern and gave me advice on what to do. Speaking with Gene at Airstream of Arkansas later that day I was told that the shop boys planned to search for the leak that exact way on Saturday.

Thanks to Rob for mentioning this blog, and check his out for some great restoration info.


Friday, March 7, 2008

One and Done

Today I recovered one of the leg o matic cushions in the fabric that our couch is coming in. I am eyeballing a chair on ebay that matches mine in color and style. If I win it, I will have two without damage.

Planning to head down to AS of AR on the 21st to get our trailer.

Hope the weather calms by then.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Leg-o-Matics are here....Preparing to do the unthinkable

Well today we received several packages from the postman. Our Leg-o-matics arrived, the fabric to recover them with arrived, and our parts from Vintage trailer supply arrived to mount our table on the wall.

The leg-o-matics are in much worse condition than we thought. There are cracks that will continue to expand without corrective repairs, burns on one side of one of the chairs, and the rear back pieces are falling apart worse than we thought. Original plans were to sand both chairs down, recover with fabric, and re-stain the wood. Since the wood needs extensive repairs that will look really bad once stained, we are painting them.

We were thinking some kind of antique white for the color since the floor and fabric is this light brown color. Black is too dark, and brown would fade away into all the other browns. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.