Monday, August 25, 2008

10 Days, 2 Rallies, 1900 Miles....I'm Pooped

Finally after months of sitting at home in the drive, we finally got to take out the Ambassador for a much needed road trip. We decided to travel up to the Detroit Metro Rally to meet some new forums members before our own rally in Missouri. To make it worth the while, we hit a state park in Pentwater, Michigan after the Detroit rally. The rally in Detroit was nice, and there were some really nice vintage units there. Collin had never seen the beach before, so he was especially excited when we visited Lake Michigan on a daily basis.

We returned home a day before our Silver Stars and Stripes rally. Being 70 miles from home, I made an extra trip to fetch my trailer smoker. We had 17 forum members for our rally, and many were first timers. We hope that the experience will make them want to return to future rallies. I made good use of the flag holder I bought from Rob Baker for the rally, and thought it looked awesome flying all the flags we had.

Unfortunately though, bad things do happen to good people. Amy hooked the smoker trailer up to the truck so we could go home Sunday night, but didn't check to ensure it was latched on the ball. It wasn't, and the coupler ran right into the tailgate. A nice dent and scratch will be next on the repairs list. I have never cooked that much food on the smoker before, and it turned out amazing. Props to all who brought food for the potluck.

As for the flying cloud, we have been gone, and not had a chance to work on it.

Happy now Frank?


Thursday, August 7, 2008

1953 Flying Cloud: Our new Project

Late last night I brought home a 1953 Flying Cloud from Iowa. I got a phenomenal deal on it, and we plan to make it into what we want, but may use the same layout. It has a few issues, but overall is in great shape. I plan to start removing carpet later today to see how the floor looks underneath, and will move on from there. Amy was really upset when we sold the caravanner, but now she has another 13 panel end cap and she is happier than ever.

Birthday Bash

August 4th was Collin's 4th Birthday, and we threw him a party during the week since I have srill this weekend. Expecting a small amount of people, we were overwhelmed by the turnout, and ran out of several food items. The saying where only half the people you invite actually show up is NOT TRUE. All invited showed up other than one family. I think that we have pretty much made Stan Lee of Marvel a fat payday with all the Spiderman merchandise, but that's what Collin is into. What can you do other than suck it up, and shell it out...they only turn four once right?

Pics of the event.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Steve's Smokeshack

Well today is Collin's 4th birthday, and I have decided to put the newly acquired smoking rig to good use. We didn't have a solid number of people who were for sure, but I never like to run out of food. I started out with a Boston butt roast, but moved up to added a slab of spare ribs, two chickens, and a bunch of wings.

As of 1 PM only the shoulder remains on the grill. I have been so busy I forgot to eat lunch, but snagged a chicken wing...OH MY...that's tasty.

I plan to bring this little rig to The Silver Stars and Stripes rally later this month if enough people want "Q".

Enjoy the pics, but you can't smell a picture.