Monday, December 29, 2008

What's three months between posts?

So I have been MIA for the last three months. I usually leave before dawn, and arrive home after dusk, and don't have any time to work on the trailer. Besides the daylight, it has been pretty cold here. With considerably warmer weather the past few days, I took a chance to get out to the cloud and remove one of the wheel wells. I am going to have David Winick of Vintage Trailering fabricate a new set for me. As you can see from the shots I have here, they were in rough shape. To get the wheel well out I had to tear out the floor around the flange. It appears that the frame cross member to the rear of this wheel well is rotted to the point that it will need to be replaced.

Good thing I took that welding class.

Front well Face
Forward well edge

Top Flange over the arch

Rear Flange

Shot from inside at the curbside

Inside of the wheel well