Sunday, May 31, 2009

Axle job accomplished

Tonight I installed a new Dexter axle on the Flying Cloud. Since the old axle an springs were removed, it was a fast process that took just over an hour.

I had purchased all everything needed for the job as a new part since many of the old parts were worn or damaged during removal.

First we bolted the springs back on the front side of the axle. After that we moved the axle under the trailer, and used two jacks to hold it in place while we bolted the other side of the springs in place on the new shackles.

The only real problem was with the U-bolts that I bought at the store that I purchased the axle at. The mounts on the original axle where it sat on top of the leaf springs was not very tall. The new Dexter axle's mount is an inch taller, and made it so that the U-bolts I had wouldn't work. I went to St. Louis Spring, and had a custom set of U-bolts fabricated for less than I paid for the ones at the store.
Original Mount

New mount

All said and done, the installation was fast, easy, and painless. Hope you all have the same experience.


Monday, May 18, 2009

I love the smell of welding in the morning

Long time no post. I have been so busy with running two businesses that I have hardly had time to do any blogging. Today I finally got some work done on the Flying Cloud.

There were several cross members and outriggers that needed to be replaced on the old frame, and today I had the welder/fabricator come out to do the work. The job took four hours and $300 cash, but I have a strong and reinforced frame that should last a lifetime after I paint it with POR-15. After the welder left I spent a few hours on my back grinding off old rivets and screws that once held the old belly pan on.

I had the welder fabricate the outriggers out of usable steel from the removed cross members. I had plenty of 3" channel from the new cross members, so the old ones were turned into outriggers.

I am looking forward to having time next week to getting the new axle installed, and getting the floor replaced. I need to find a local source for the metal I will use for C channel and the belly skin.