Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lazy Poster

I apologize that it's been awhile since my last post. Between the extreme heat here in Missouri, and the long hours I am putting in with my toxicology business, I have not been working on my trailer much. I did manage to get the front four pieces of the sub floor cut, and only need to template the rear curve to finish. I also bought some oil based deck sealant for all the wood surfaces. Two gallons should be enough to double coat the entire floor.

After the floor I need to find a shop that can fabricate new wheel wells for me. The person I had making me free ones said the stainless scrap he had was too thin, and the tig welder burned through it pretty easy.

I found a place locally that sells 5052 .032 sheet for several dollars less than 5052 .025 online. The issue I am reading is that the .032 is far more difficult to work with. This may influence me to buy the thinner aluminum to save the hassle. I also need to get new C or J channel made for my trailer. The old channel was pretty beat up, and wasn't salvageable. I could use the ALCLAD skin from the old shower, but braking this may be too difficult. Anyone out there want to let me know what they are using for channel?