Thursday, February 25, 2010

Awww Crap... (BOLO)


Please be on the lookout for a red or amber Beehive marker lamp like the ones pictured below. While performing diagnostics on my running lights, I slipped on a small patch of ice and dropped one of my glass lenses. I was told these lenses are near impossible to find by Steve at Vintage Trailer Supply. At one point he was considering recasting some of them, but the process was too expensive to consider.

Since there are already holes in the trailer for this light that would not be covered up by teardrop running lights, I really prefer to use these original fixtures.

The reason I was doing this in the first place was because not all my marker lights were coming on when I used a battery charger to test the circuit. It is ran the exact same way as the original with a single leg covering both street side fixtures, the tail lights, and the curbside rear light. The curbside front is a short separate leg. The curbside front has no issues lighting up, but when I power the other circuit, the trouble light on the charger lights up. I have continuity through the lines, but no voltage. I was grounding to the fresh C channel. Perhaps there is not enough amperage passing through the lines from the battery charger, but I am not an electrical genius.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting back to work

It's been a long and cold winter to this point. Instead of freezing my butt off in the uninsulated trailer, I have been spending more time with the family. A month ago, I sold our third trailer, a 63 Tradewind, and the new owner and I have been working on it for camping season.

Yesterday, my new friend Brian, (the Tradewind owner), came over to assist on working on the flying cloud. We pulled all of the new 110v wiring, and most of the 12v system wiring. We still need to run wiring for the porch light, two ceiling lights, and the DSI circuit of the future hot water heater.

We did accomplish some other things though. We installed the water fill and water tank vent in the front of the trailer. These are marine parts which will require a little finagling on my part to integrate into the system, but well worth the look.

We also installed this umbilical outlet on the front of the trailer. I like how our 75 has a removable trailer cable when not in use, and decided to do it on my Flying Cloud. I didn't like the plastic on Vintage Trailer Supply, so I went to's HQ which is a few miles down the road. The cover is galvanized, So in time it will rust, but I hope it's awhile till that happens

More later.