Monday, March 29, 2010

Restoration Days

On Saturday I got a call from the guy I had sold my 63 Tradewind to. He was telling me that his 12v power had gone out abruptly. As I sat on the phone going back and forth, I decided it was best to just drive down and help him out. His wife watched Collin while we spent the next seven hours working.

With a few calls to Melody Ranch from AIRforums, we finally figured out the issue. The old wiring had cracked sleeves, and was shorting itself to the frame. We started in on figuring out his umbilical wiring issue, but day rapidly turned to night.

The next day, Brian came out to assist me on my trailer. Brian is a contractor, and is much better at alot of things when it comes to his approach on Airstreams. We decided to buck rivet both sides down, and attach the trailer to the wheel wells. The previous owner had placed large wheel well flares over the side skin due to a blow out. I like the look of the flares, so I kept them. We applied a liberal amount of sealant between the wheel well and the exterior skin as well, to ensure we didn't get water penetration.

Curbside Riveted

Street side Riveted

It wasn't all rosy. We had to remove the rear corner belly skins that were hastily installed. The relief cuts were far too long, and were showing under the shell. This is a huge problem on the front of the trailer as well, but with everything riveted together up front, I am reluctant to remove everything to redo it. We will also have to cut a large portion of the front belly pan out that is buckling due to improper installation. When this was installed last fall, I was complacent, and in a hurry. That will end up costing me on overall quality of a job, and I am sorry about it.

To end on a positive, I found not one, but two of the Yankee 70 glass lenses that I had broken. One of them even came with the fixture and bezel (Impossible to find). I got both of them for less than $20. Kings to me!

Anyone interested in a rally? We are hosting a rally in Southern Illinois May 13-16th at Whittington Woods Campground. We had two great rally events there last year, and have 14 trailers signed up so far. Hope to see some of you there.