Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All good things come to an end.

Many of you are likely wondering why there hasn't been any posting for awhile. Since I have taken the door off to have it rebuilt, I have not done anything with the trailer. Adding to the complexity of a trailer rebuild over almost 2 years now, Amy's tour is up here in St. Louis, and her next set of orders has been issued. In the middle of July, Amy will be relocating to beautiful Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. Six summers ago, we moved from San Antonio, TX back to Missouri, so at least we have some familiarity with the city and process.

Due to being accepted into the University of Missouri Nursing program, I will be staying here over the next 27 months to finish school instead of going with Amy and Collin. Trust me, this is something that has been tearing at my heart considering I won't be there for them, will miss his first day of school (it's his first year), and all the other stuff that comes with being apart for long periods of time.

Since we will be apart, we sold out 1975 Ambassador to a nice family in Kentucky. We did the exchange two days ago, and he said he had no problems getting it home. We hope his family has as much fun in it as we did. While it wasn't something that we wanted to do, Amy will need a new car to take to TX, and a computer as well since I will keep the computer here for school. Our thoughts now turn to the Flying Cloud. As I stated before, I have not touched it since April, and with full time classes for the next two years I cannot fathom having the time to work on it. I am at the point where I will sell it as a project (for a major loss just considering the parts I have that go with it), or take it to a restoration company. I have sent a few emails about the trailer to some restoration companies and I am waiting to hear back. Locally I was offered $5,000 by guy who really wants a project airstream.

In the mean time, I will have to live vicariously through all of you out there who are living the Airstream dream. It's been an interesting time since we bought our first trailer in November 2006. Thank you all for reading and contributing over the past several years.

See you down the road.