Saturday, November 26, 2011

A long time coming

Anyone who keeps current on my Airforum, "Relapse" thread knows that this project was taken out of the hands of the person working on it. The history about it is well discussed and documented on that thread, and I am not going to rehash it here.

I am however going to post something that was deleted by an AIRforum moderator. The following is my post, completely unedited.

This is a post some may want to skip. I wanted to separate this post from the feel good post above it.

As Wasagachris stated earlier, there are MANY things to be learned on this thread on how to NOT have your Airstream restored. I broke down the receipts to find out where our $1800 went.

I have receipts for the following:

  • Harbor Freight Tools-$529.08
  • Gasoline-$145.58 (I was told $100 would be spent in transporting the trailer to Dallas.)
  • Misc. Supplies-$897.42. These receipts included 3 tanks purchased from Top's TX vintage trailer, an order from VTS, several trips to Lowes, a trip to Metals for you for 3 inch channel (unused), and $85.52 to a metal shop to custom bend a piece of 14 gauge steel into a cross member instead of using C channel like I asked (which would have cost 1/3 the price).

Back earlier in the thread, someone stated that this was the perfect project to build a "library of tools". When the project started, I authorized tools that would be required to do work as it progressed, but that tools would have to be worked off before more tools were purchased. Many of these (Harbor Freight) tools were NOT AUTHORIZED. Here is the library of tools that was built on our dime, mostly without permission.

  • Orbital polisher/waxer
  • Digital multi-meter
  • (8) Ratcheting bar clamps
  • (2) Foldable Saw Horses
  • 30" Sheet metal brake
  • Electrical receptacle tester
  • 90 Amp Flux wire welder
  • Welding helmet
  • Welding Gloves
  • Full sized Router with table
  • Digital calipers
  • 3 piece step drills

Considering the first step after tear down was to weld the frame and install the floor, what on Earth were the the polisher/waxer, multi-meter, receptacle tester, metal brake, and router/router table being purchased for? I even questioned this, but was told, "We will need it eventually."

When the math was done, the receipts totaled $1572.08. Subtract that from the $1800 and you have $227.92 unaccounted for. Subtracting the $897.42 in misc supplies (much of which will NOT be used by North Dallas) from the $1800 means $902.58 (tools and cash) was taken as payment for services rendered. Since these tools were being taken in lieu of cash, I was to be provided an hour breakdown. There was nothing included among the receipts indicating amount of hours worked, but it doesn't even take an Airforums n@@b to see that these tools were not worked off.

My one happy thought going through my head right now is that these tools were purchased at Harbor Freight, and will likely fail without providing long lasting service the one who owns them.

Here was the private message from AIR about the post. I have replaced the surname that was included in his posting.


A courtesy note letting you know the post below was removed as it is vendor dispute territory. While we empathize with the Mr. Voldemort dealing, we can't allow this post to stay.

Thanks for understanding.


No...I don't understand, explain it to me. So this is a VENDOR dispute? That's weird since the only VENDOR in this case is ME. The (dis)service performed on my trailer was not the work of a vendor, or even a person with a business license. So I told Kevin that if I was in violation of VENDOR rules, he could go ahead and delete my VENDOR status. I also think it is funny that people post things like this against AIRSTREAM, but they aren't deleted.

It is comical to me that since the 5th of September, the previous individual working on my trailer has not posted a single time. I was told by a good friend that this individual had told him he was forbidden from AIRforums or anything Airstream related by his wife. I am making an assumption that he received an email update when I posted on Relapse, and complained to the mods. Good thing they cannot censor here.

I think that the following PM from an avid follower of my AIRforum "Relapse" thread is about as on target as you can get. (Edited to remove personal information).

"I'd bet that Mr. Voldemort reported the post and complained about it. He is such a little girl hiding behind the skirts of his mommy (the mods). He doesn't have the balls to comment publicly or even to face the music of public comments. It's obvious that he is scared of what people will say because he has never posted a response once in this thread. If he had any valid responses to your comments he should state them publicly. His lack of responses speaks volumes."

I posted this here because it will not be censored on my personal blog. No responses here needed. Thanks to the several people for the KARMA that I received from the deleted post still shows, but the thread shows N/A on the user CP.

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