Saturday, November 26, 2011

My first time banned

It seems that my comments about being censored hit a nerve over at AIRforums. The post referring for people to check my blog out was removed, and all subsequent comments about being censored (from myself or others). It's only a 24 hour ban, but I laughed quite a bit. The most ridiculous thing about this, is that I was contacted by another AIR member and told that my signature was erased from my profile. So AIR moderators are not allowing me to talk about my blog or promote it because I refer to their censoring. Amy and I have served for years in the military with countless others, some of which gave all for our rights to free speech. While I may not have free speech on AIR, they are disallowing me to even mention my blog.

So what led to this? You have read the posting before this, and that started the process. I asked for clarification on why it was removed. It was told to me by Kevin245 that any posting regarding another member who you did business with in a negative light will not be tolerated, and will be viewed as a vendor transaction. So let's look at a few things...

Member A sells Member B a trailer on the forums. Member B in his excitement starts a thread in his excitement, post pictures, etc. Once getting the unit home it turns out to be a TPOS (Total POS). Member B posts his displeasure about the deal and that he feels cheated. This is not allowed, and is subject to removal.

A member has a partial restoration or repair work done by another member who runs a Vintage trailer restoration company. A year later, the electrical that wasn't installed properly starts a fire, and the trailer burns down. Any posting referring to the electrical being done improperly by the "trailer restoration company" will be removed because it is a vendor dispute.

A member buys parts from a commercial vendor who is a member. The credit card is charged, but the parts are on back order for 6 weeks. The member cancels his order and orders from some other company and gets them in a week, but his money won't be returned from the Commercial vendor due to their policy not to refund money for several weeks. The purchasing member voices displeasure, and his posts are removed.

These are examples....ok one of them is true for sure, maybe all of them are.

Don't be voicing your displeasure with your new Airstream either. I was told that comments about ANY vendor will not be tolerated including Airstream. Unfortunately, complaints about the mothership are a weekly occurrence, and rarely get removed. Sound like overmoderation anyone? I know mods usually stand up for one another, but this is ridiculous.

Thanks for listening to the rant.


Lance said...

Don't sweat it Steve. Keep marchin' on. It does kinda make you wonder though...

Soldiermedic said...

It is complete and unequivocal totalitarianism. Posting a breakdown of my expenses is not allowed, and now neither is a link to my blog.

I really don't care, and really don't use AIR other than for rally meet ups anyhow.

the byamcaravanner said...

Such a policy makes AirForums a great place for a crook to infiltrate the Airstream community and rip people off while appearing to have a spotless reputation. Is that really what the AirForums mods want to perpetuate? Maybe they need to just create a sub-forum where all complaints can be posted.... then the folks that want to only wear rose colored glasses can block that forum.