Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year News.

Happy New Year to you all.

I have taken some time since the last post to finish the semester up, and enjoy my winter break in San Antonio with my family who I never get to see enough of.

When I spoke with North Dallas six weeks ago, the plan was to officially begin the work on my trailer shortly after the new year began. Well, I spoke with them two weeks ago, and they had just wrapped up a planning meeting for how to proceed on the work.

The first plan was to use a hoist and lift the shell off the frame. This wouldn't take hardly any work since it was only being attached on a four foot section of the 31 foot length, with a single pop-rivet every 8 rivet holes.

Once lifted, the REST of the frame will be scraped and painted. I was told that this work had already been completed since I had paid for it, but much like everything else, that person is a lying, cheating scumbag. Because a large amount of the area that was not painted is the new A frame we had welded on, this shouldn't take a long time.

Once paint is finished, most of you know what happens next. The floor goes down, (J, C, U) Channel gets installed. I have asked the shop to mount the two 25 gallon grey water tanks before installing the floor insulation and belly pan.

The latest addition to the money pit errr...SOTR is a set of four aluminum wheels. I found these on which is not my usual outlet for these wheels. I chose this website because the same wheels were not only cheaper, but offered free shipping on orders over $100.

Classy looking aren't they?


the byamcaravanner said...

Very nice!

Soldiermedic said...

Thanks Steve,

We put these on the 53 flying cloud and they looked great. I was sold on them when Uwe and J.C. Ferguson put them on their trailers.

Sugarfoot said...

I know you are glad to hear of some progress. Love the wheels!

Soldiermedic said...

Thanks Aunt Dacia.

Anonymous said...

Those are the wheels I want to put on my '54, whenever she gets home that is.