Saturday, May 12, 2012

College Graduate, and new Wares

I am happy to say that after 17 years, 6 different universities, 280+ credit hours, 4 years apart from family, and 2 deployments...I have finally finished college.  I finished my final exams for my Bachelor's degree in Nursing last Wednesday, and flew to San Antonio the following morning.  Many of my classmates chastised me for not walking the stage at graduation on May 12th, and that I would live to regret not doing so.  Perhaps they are right, but being home was more important to me than walking across a stage with mostly 22 year old classmates.


With me being gone the last two years, Amy has had to do everything.  Full time caretaker, soldier, mother.  I wanted to give her a gift to say, "Thank you," for supporting me and going through the hardship.

Feast your eyes on these 1950's Can-O-Mat and Ice-O-Mat made by Rival.  The Ice crusher was found in a family member's basement.  I took it apart, cleaned it, polished it, and it looks great.  The back piece on the bucket looked as if it mounted to a bracket that was very unique....and wasn't anywhere to be found.  I started researching the Ice-O-Mat to find that they also have a can opener, juice, knife sharpener, and jar opener that all used the same wall bracket.  Immediately I went to eBay to find a chrome Can-O-Mat complete with mounting bracket.  I bid on it, and won as the only bid for a great deal.

These are very heavy, but I am intent on installing them in the Airstream once we bring her home net month.

What vintage wares are a must in your travels out there?